In Our Good Name
May 2, 2017
On Injustice and Peace
May 2, 2017

We stand firm. We believe in what is good for each person, each individual, her or his own goals and beliefs and those are what we stand for.

We stand for the rights of everyone. We stand for the ability of the shyest among us to speak her truth, the weakest among us to dream his dreams, the strongest among us to reach heights that most of us cannot imagine until we see that they have been reached by one amazing individual, and when the bar is raised we all rise to meet it.

We see possibility and it changes us, it moves us, motivates us to experience our own minds and bodies in different ways. We are amazing in our capacities to grow and be and live in a world with ever-widening boundaries.

The Olympic athletes are world powers. They train together, so many from other countries train here in the US and bring their amazing-ness home, along with the awareness that we are one people. We are fortunate to have these ambassadors of peace. They have proven again and again that our similarities do now, and have always far outweighed our differences.

That was the goal of the Olympics wasn’t it? To bring nations together in the peace of competition and to enjoy the most incredible among us, for all of us.

We live in a world society, embracing this fact is the bar that we raise for Humanity, the small injustices we endure everyday lead to large injustices that breed hate and fear, maim and kill.

Standing up for that kid in the hallway could mean a world at peace. Every action of peace raises the bar, is witnessed, and engaged with and creates, moment by moment an atmosphere of peace. A place of kindness. An opportunity for love.

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