An Action of Peace
May 2, 2017
On Love and Life
May 2, 2017

When we witness injustice in the world we must speak out against it.

This begins with the small injustices, a word of malice said against a friend that we know to be untrue. Also word against a man or woman because of their manhood or womanhood. A word against a person for their beliefs, for their sexual orientation, for the color of their skin.

These injustices seems small in the locker room, at a party, in the office; and when allowed to live, injustice becomes emboldened, strengthened by the turn of the cheek, the obligatory giggle. That person is emboldened by the ability to say these things without consequence; the person who listens is also emboldened to carry out their manor and message of injustice. If those words came and were accepted without consequence, they are emboldened to believe that their words of injustice will also be accepted without consequence.

This is the time to remember that in America we are entitled to free speech; we are not entitled to consequence free speech.

To the contrary, when we speak out against injustice, those who are witness are emboldened to speak out themselves against other injustices. We owe it to ourselves as humans to speak up, to stand up, one by one and say: this person is worth being stood up for; this person and every person is worth our kindness even when, and perhaps especially when we don’t agree with them.

So perhaps the next time you hear someone speak with injustice about your friend, or about someone you work with, or someone you don’t know at all, perhaps you will stand up for that person. Perhaps your strength will be witnessed and you will embolden that person who will embolden the next person who has the power to create peace.

Alex Spenser

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